Titleist - Vokey 200 Series Chrome Spin Milled

Vokey 200 Series Chrome Spin Milled

  - Titleist
A classic teardrop shaped wedge with a rougher surface for better spin. Vokey Spin Milled wedges are new from Titleist, and designed to provide a truly discernible performance option - increased spin. By working with Tour players to create wedges that performed under the most challenging major championship conditions, Titleist master craftsman Bob Vokey has developed a precisely machined, tight-tolerance groove that provides the player with increased spin on both full and partial wedge shots.
  alanbabber305 - 6/23/22
I used it and liked it a lot. Just like the bob the robber 4 I'm doing, it means a lot to me
  candymika - 5/30/22
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  PDC - 2/24/11
only cleveland can compete. like the look of cleveland wedges at address better, personal preference, but the perfromance is not to be outdone on the green.
  BONES_0001 - 2/20/11
just bought a 52 degree vokey wedge ( spin milled ) and it is awesome, never owned one, but soon i will own 2 more. great spin action on the green. just plain awesome. !!
  stav - 9/9/10
just the best!
  abgallagher - 6/24/10
Just put a new one in the bag today to replace a worn out one...needless to say, I wouldn't have replaced like for like if I thought there was something better out there
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