Powerbilt - 8620 Carbon Steel

8620 Carbon Steel

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PowerBilt is one of the oldest names in golf. Since 1916 PowerBilt has been a maker of fine golf gear & boasts 100s of tournament wins. These wedges are made of "Soft" 8620 Carbon Steel and with six different lofts your entire short game is covered. These wedges use today's latest technology to produce one of the best value-proven clubs,are built to last & hold up well under all playing conditions. The sole widths match the bounce angles perfectly, resulting in precise ball striking.
  Bubba Scott - 9/25/15
Got the 50,54&58 for $49 shipped to my door. Nice classic look,nice grip & Apollo shaft. Almost chipped in a couple first time out & full wedge shots flew nice & stopped pretty well. Great value for price paid. Was so impressed w/these wedges that I picked up the 52,56&60 also @ great price for full adaptability of wedges depending on the course I play.
  SDPatton - 5/18/13
  snosk8r00 - 4/8/13
  AndrewD - 10/25/11
  Dex777 - 5/4/11
  mikewpatterson - 5/4/10
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