Cleveland - 588 RTX Black Pearl

588 RTX Black Pearl

  - Cleveland
This variation of the 588 wedges features a laser-milled "Rotex" face (hence the RTX label) for a rougher surface, with U-shaped grooves that are 16% larger than normal for more spin. The "S sole" is wider near the heel, but narrower at the toe - a feature carried over from Cleveland's CG15 wedges.

Available in 18 (!) variations with lofts ranging from 46° to 64° in 2° increments, with a black, non-glare finish.

  rwails33 - 8/30/15
as usual with Cleveland wedges, not disappointed with the quality and performance of these wedges. They do exactly what they are supposed to and without a doubt some of the finest wedges on the market.
  jpgoodland - 12/1/20
  FABIAN FOWLER - 9/8/18
  shmo04 - 6/17/18
  mingledow - 7/16/17
  BigDaddyBambi - 5/31/17
  cjn728 - 4/28/17
  golf2528 - 8/6/16
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