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In 2010 and 2011, the TRUE tour caused quite a stir in the market as we launched the first barefoot golf shoe that is often called a "slipper with traction" by our customers. For 2012, having listened to feedback from TRUE friends and golfers, we decided to make some changes to the iconic original tour design to improve both performance and styling.
  MostlyBogies - 11/11/11
I had to remove the built-in sock as it was causing the shoe tongue to dig into my foot arch. However, after that modification, the shoes are very comfortable. They are very lightweight for walking. They are waterproof, although I sprayed mine with Kiwi Boot Protector before use just to be sure. I haven't had them for long, but they seem to be well-made and durable. They are not the most attractive shoes. But, if you value comfort over style, I would recommend them.
  gdetzel - 6/12/18
  jperez - 5/4/16
  racook - 8/18/15
  Golf Mechanic - 3/23/15
  Purple Fox - 11/13/14
  markharr - 9/17/14
  ecneret - 7/22/14
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