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  yohannathomas911 - 5/27/24
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  peterkyle321 - 5/30/23
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  rockinglh - 2/3/15
Excellent product, the only problem I have with it is in the fog. I have put it in fog mode but I still have problems getting a consistent precise distance. I do have a Phone GPS that I use on foggy days.
  ptchance - 6/26/13
Excellent product. Never go back to sky caddie or GPS based system. This allows pinpoint accuracy to anything you can point to. And it's virtually indestructible.
  PrincePowe - 8/16/22
  Howgolf - 8/26/21
  Joepz1 - 9/3/19
  Prince Powe - 5/25/19
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Number of Users: 70
Average Handicap: 11.7

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