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The SG4 automatically calculates up to 40 targets per hole, simultaneously, in less than a second. It features a large, backlit, grayscale display and can store 10 full-featured courses at one time with our advanced course management features like Hazards, Carries and Layups, and IntelliGreen®. The SG4 comes with a built-in rechargeable lithium battery, which is good for up to 14 hours of continuous play.
Reviews/Comments - 9/28/19
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  skygolf912 - 11/16/18
Overall the SG4 is a great rangefinder and helps my game especially the distance to hazards, washes, etc.Cordless vs Corded but must take a star off for the screw connector and having to buy another that is no better than the 1st one.
  katleennn - 11/10/18
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