Odyssey - White Hot XG Sabertooth

White Hot XG Sabertooth

  - Odyssey
This putter provides a high MOI, which reduces twisting during the stroke for more accuracy. Its Dual Fangs position more weight to the outermost part of the head to keep the stroke online. The Aiming Channels provide excellent alignment. The XG Series features a multi-layer insert with an elastomer core that is very soft and resilient, along with a thin outer layer is firmer for greater responsiveness.
  MySkybuddy - 6/24/11
Good sound feedback. Great for picking up balls. Easy to line up
  craftylefty2 - 8/7/10
Excellent putter, true roll of the face
  milspank3 - 7/2/10
The best putter I ever had. My Putting has improved. The putter gets some crazy looks from people every time I use it.
  Al_F - 2/7/10
Great performing and cool looking putter. Perfectly faced balanced. Good feel on short and long putts.
  tealey - 5/4/19
  becom - 10/1/17
  Dabull66 - 8/15/17
  ftordeur - 5/15/17
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Number of Users: 778
Average Handicap: 13.6
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