Odyssey - White Hot XG Rossie Mallet

White Hot XG Rossie Mallet

  - Odyssey
Boasting such features as a face-balanced mallet, a double-bend shaft, and a full-shaft offset, the White Hot XG Rossie putter is a terrific choice for beginning and experienced golfers alike. The putter is outfitted with Odyssey's multilayer White Hot XG insert, which includes an elastomer core that enhances the feel of the putter, along with a thin, firm outer striking surface that's infused with urethane to create a fine-tuned responsiveness.
  jalloret - 8/8/11
An excellent club. The offset is helpful at address, and the alignment lines couldn't be better. The club has a nice feel, and the ball responds well off the club face. My only critique would be the age of the club. Being an older club, the technology is most likely out-dated, and there are probably some newer putters out there that may be better. My overall rating is 4.5 stars, but ClubSG prevents choosing a half-star rating.
  shmo04 - 6/17/18
  Jmelone277 - 6/14/18
  Nickevers - 12/2/17
  Mibby - 11/24/16
  Ken1031 - 11/29/15
  smithmichael03 - 9/26/15
  BMalock25 - 7/22/15
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