Odyssey - White Hot XG 2-Ball Lined

White Hot XG 2-Ball Lined

  - Odyssey
Multi-layer insert technology for the softest, most responsive putter we’ve ever created. The Odyssey White Hot XG utilizes a multi-layer insert for phenomenal performance with any golf ball. Inspired by high-performance, multi-layer golf ball technology, the White Hot XG insert takes two materials with different properties and combines them to take the level of feedback and feel to an all-new high.
Reviews/Comments - 8/30/19
Your content helped me a lot to take my doubts, amazing content, thank you very much for sharing.
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  e.lambley - 8/7/11
A putter is like a woman, some days you love them to bits others they drive you barmy.
Like most of you I have a number of different style and weight putters but always return to this one
As we all know alignment is a major key to good putting and the 2 ball aids with this

  Podders1210 - 7/29/20
  psychodad - 7/16/20
  Pyeman Senior - 6/20/20 - 6/12/19
  ezBobby - 10/26/18
  efiggs - 9/12/18
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