TaylorMade - Ghost Spider

Ghost Spider

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The Ghost Spider's white finish stands out well against green grass and incorporates the Monza Spider's "basketball court" system of alignment on the crown to further facilitate proper alignment. Together, the contrasting black and white alignment makes it easy to see and properly square the clubface with your golf ball.

The steel wire-frame construction concentrates most of the weight in the perimeter, which creates the high MOI.

  taylormckee3223612 - 9/27/22
not really easy to use but still okay snake io
  Lindawin - 9/25/22
i appreciate this great information i will share it more with my friends at fnf mods
  miramichigolf - 1/4/13
cant beat this putter!!
  darinnor - 5/7/12
I Love this Putter! have it as a belly putter and averaging 1.7 putts per hole.
  one4pars - 1/15/20
  oneuschw - 11/5/18
  semmii - 5/26/18
  vwatts - 9/26/17
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