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G5I Craz-E

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Introduced in 2005, the G5i series features a dual-durometer insert providing soft feel, including on lag putts. Sole cavities and thru holes allow expanded perimeter weighting, resulting in high moment-of-inertia. A blue, ball-sized alignment aid includes a contrasting center line.

Within the G5i line, this putter features is Ping's Craz-E mallet with a plumber's neck hosel and full-shaft offset.

  thomwizz - 6/20/14
Like the feel and the way it lines up, I put an Oversized European Winn grip and feels great
  somerlov - 2/21/12
I have used this putter for the last 2 years and I find that it has superb weight and control. I never putt more that twice to be succesful
  Slashernator - 8/27/11
I have to hit this sooo hard on fast greens, amazing.
  I_FYFE - 12/28/09
best summer putter on the market
  NeilAtky1 - 10/7/20
  jaystewart5150 - 5/10/19
  milefcd - 3/13/17
  bejcsla - 12/21/16
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