Scotty Cameron - Futura X5

Futura X5

  - Scotty Cameron
Introduced in October of 2014, this multi-material putter uses 303 stainless steel for the body and the CNC-milled face, while aluminum is used on the sole.

OFFSET: 1.0-shaft
HOSEL TYPE: Single-bend shaft
LENGTHS: 33", 34", 35"
LIE: 70°
LOFT: 3°

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The club is made with a combination of materials including 303 stainless steel for the body and CNC-milled face, and aluminum for the sole duck life. This blend of materials is intended to improve performance and tactile sensation on the putting surface.
  GraysonGutkowski - 1/29/24
I am impressed by the reliability of tunnel rush. I have been using it for three years without any need for repairs.
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Golfer Stats
Number of Users: 120
Average Handicap: 10.5
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