Scotty Cameron - Studio Select Newport 2

Studio Select Newport 2

  - Scotty Cameron
Introduced in 2008, the Studio Select Newport 2 features improved from subtle milling enhancements to its new sole profile, vice the design of the Studio Style Newport 2. "Cherry Dot" graphics, a CNC-milled 303 stainless steel head, and factory-interchangeable weights are the newest features.

HEAD: 360g, 350g, 340g
OFFSET: Full-shaft
HOSEL: Plumber's neck
LENGTH: 33, 34, 35 inches
LOFT: 4°
LIE: 71°

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  peachesopinion - 4/3/23
The Studio Select Newport 2 I recently acquired is a game-changer! The balance and feel of this putter are excellent drive mad. My putting has greatly improved as a result. Many thanks to Scotty Cameron for yet another superb creation!
  patrickrall - 1/3/23
I just got the Studio Select Newport 2 and it is a game changer! The feel and balance of this putter is outstanding. It has really improved my putting game. Thanks Scotty Cameron for another top-notch product!

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