Scotty Cameron - California Del Mar

California Del Mar

  - Scotty Cameron
A sophisticated beauty with inspired lines. There's just something about the Del Mar. Complex. Curvy. Classic. Scotty sculpted new heel-and-toe dimensions to accommodate the interchangeable sole weights, which allows for this small mallet's headweight to be perfectly matched to the desired shaft length. But the Del Mar's appeal runs much deeper than its on-board technology. Stare long enough at its perfectly proportionate outline and it'll make you a mallet player if you let it.
  FJBory - 10/16/17
After many putters, this is the BEST. I love the look and feel and especially what it has done for my confidence and game.
  2c - 2/5/13
Love the looks and the feel. Still getting use to lag putts but deadly within 10ft.
  M.W.B - 7/18/10
34" Heavy Model, still getting use to the mallet look but love the feel.
  fitzg03 - 6/4/17
  Victor Moscardo - 2/27/17
  mrjohn29 - 3/16/16
  rob.lewis257 - 6/5/14
  gbatchelor - 6/3/14
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