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A seamless progression of hybrids and irons integrated into one amazing set of irons. Idea a2 OS takes the guesswork out of putting hybrids in your bag by replacing hard to hit long and mid irons with easy to hit hybrids.
  williegee - 7/8/10
I bought these clubs hoping to see a major improvment in my game. I do hit better shots with the irons. However they are graphite shafts as I am 59 and thought it was time as my distance shrinks and shrinks. The 3,4 & 5 hybrids constently draw/hook left and the 6 iron most often is pushed straight right, missing my target by 15 - 20 yards. I have been a 9 handicap. I am now playing to a 14. I like the clubs but am disappointed that the advertised "game improvement" is not there. I put up my Ping Irons to play with the Adams Hybrid A3OS irons.......not too much difference between the two.
  Sas12 - 4/9/16
  wdp1227 - 4/7/13
  Jjm jr - 5/14/12
  ScottEllis - 3/14/12
  cornet8423251 - 8/20/11
  marcb55 - 7/15/11
  culinarykid - 7/7/11
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