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Introduced in 2012, the i20 long irons provide high launches and forgivness; the smaller short irons were designed for better control.

3-iron: 21° loft, 0.24" offset, D0 swing-weight
4-iron: 24°, .20", D0
5-iron: 27°, .17", D0
6-iron: 30°, .13", D0
7-iron: 33°, .10", D0
8-iron: 37°, .08", D0
9-iron: 41°, .06", D0
PW: 46°, .05", D2
UW: 50°, .04", D2
SW: 54°, .04", D4
LW: 58°, .03", D6

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  MBomp - 1/26/18
Black Dot 6-PW,UW,SW,LW PING TFC 169i
  Pitscrew - 10/31/14
Yellow dot z-z65 shaft 4-pw
  Cmangolf - 8/6/12
green dot, +1\", Dynamic Gold X100 shafts
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