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The X Series is about giving serious golfers total performance with enhanced forgiveness for the ultimate in confidence. The new X-20 Irons deliver in every way by offering technology, innovation and playability that will take your game to a new level.
  JeremyGuy - 9/22/22
I have to say that I am a Callaway customer. I have been using their products for over 20 years and they have never let me down. The staff is great, the products are top notch and they are always on top of new releases. I can't say enough good things about them! I would recommend this site for anyone who wants to improve their game but doesn't want to spend too much money because $50-$60 is all you will ever need for one set (driver, wedge and putter).
  DavidRogers0000 - 7/28/22
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  Ciara111 - 7/22/22
Callaway X-20 Driver is an extremely well designed club with great distance, control and feel. It is easy to hit and forgiving for most players. Visit source for premium sports templates for free. The club has improved my game by making it easier for me to hit long drives without having to hit premium irons or hybrids which are more difficult to hit straight or far enough for me because I am not big enough or strong enough yet (you know those guys).
  Poway1464 - 2/24/11
I played the X20s with the UNIFLEX shaft. Very good launch angle, which attracted me to these to begin with but these played at least 1 club shorter than my other clubs (Cobra S9II & Mizuno MX23). I believe this could be attributed to the UNIFLEX shaft.
  1000derek - 8/6/21
  SGPinard - 7/16/19
  eskjt83 - 9/19/17
  rickiercarson - 2/18/17
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