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Introduced in 2012, the Rocketballz Irons were engineered to hit longer and straighter with more accuracy and better feel. The two-piece metalwood-inspired construction in these irons creates a low CG and a high coefficient of restitution (COR), while the ultra-thin face flexes to promote that COR up to the USGA limit.

Available in RH and LH with steel or graphite shafts.

  sadiesink951 - 6/19/24
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  patrickrall - 5/1/24
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  alicemagnet12 - 4/21/24
The design of RocketBallz clubs incorporates aerodynamic features to reduce drag and improve clubhead speed through the impact zone, Friday Night Funkin resulting in longer and more consistent shots.
  sedazaytseva47 - 2/16/24
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  plonkarchivist - 12/14/23
The RocketBallz series heralded a breakthrough in technology, transforming the game by offering golfers improved distance and accuracy in their shots. Every club in the lineup, from drivers to fairway woods and irons, was crafted to provide optimum power and playability.doodle baseball

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  cebicas514 - 7/28/23
The RocketBallz series introduced cutting-edge technology that revolutionized the game, providing golfers with enhanced distance and accuracy on their shots. From drivers to fairway woods and irons, each club in the lineup was designed to deliver maximum power and playability.

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