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Introduced in 2012, the JPX-825 iron is Mizuno's most forgiving iron to date, featuring the maximum-allowable COR in the 4 through 7 irons, a triple-cut sole to cut through a variety of turf, and modified U-grooves.

Available in steel (RH and LH) and graphite (RH only):

4-iron: 22º
5-iron: 25º
6-iron: 28º
7-iron: 32º
8-iron: 36º
9-iron: 40º
PW: 45º
GW: 50º

  Rob Perkins - 5/12/13
got fitted and love them. 3 rounds in I notice 2 things.
1. these are the straightest irons I have ever hit
2. these carry longer than my old titleist dci golds.

looking forward to lower handicaps.
  DarenJohn - 4/5/13
These are the clubs to get if you are a 10+ or higher and want to play Mizunos. So easy to hit. So fun to play with. Nice price point. Beveled edges allow you to hit the ball clean every time. I am looking forward to the next 100 rounds with this set. Single digits here I come.
  Ronomega10 - 6/25/21
  phil65mason - 9/25/16
  mark03 - 5/26/16
  MGoBlue100 - 3/20/16
  Rrich79 - 8/18/15
  ebroback - 8/3/15
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