TaylorMade - Burner (2009)

Burner (2009)

  - TaylorMade
The Burner irons offer longer and more consistent distance in every iron with more distinct distance-gaps between long- and middle-irons. The long-, middle- and short-irons were separately engineered so you get long and forgiving long-irons, long and accurate middle-irons and accurate and responsive short-irons.
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  knowitall24 - 2/20/14
The are great clubs. May shorten them a bit when new grips are required. Swing away and enjoy the ride! - 3/23/12
After 20+ years of using Ping Eye2 irons, I traded them for Burners. The Burners are much more forgiving yet I can still work the ball. They are about one club longer than the Eye2s - probably due to the stronger lofts and longer shafts. The have a great feel when struck well. Mis-hits still fly fairly straight and the the distance loss is not severe. Excellent clubs.
  Dr Andy - 12/27/10
Fantastic clubs - I bought the graphite shafts which increased my confidence and I did not lose any distance
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