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Released on December 6, 2013, Callaway's Apex irons are forged from 1020 carbon steel body and mated to a 455 Carpenter steel face. Tungsten sole inserts and deep undercut cavity contribute to a lower CG and higher launch-angles. Available in RH and LH.

3-iron: 19°
4-iron: 21.5°
5-iron: 24°
6-iron: 27°
7-iron: 31°
8-iron: 35°
9-iron: 40°
PW: 45°
AW: 50°
SW: 55°

Reviews/Comments - 6/22/24
The Callaway Apex irons offer impressive game improvement features, combining a 1020 carbon steel body with a 455 Carpenter steel face for enhanced performance. Their design includes tungsten sole inserts and a deep undercut cavity for better launch angles and a lower center of gravity.
  stumbleguys - 3/23/24
This stick is so hard moto x3m
  sedazaytseva47 - 3/18/24
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