Titleist - AP2 710

AP2 710

  - Titleist
The Titleist AP2 710 Iron Set 3-PW with Steel Shafts are the essence of advanced performance with multi-material, dual cavity forged irons that provide improved feel, classic blade looks and playability with shot control for the serious and skilled golfer. The stock shaft in this set is the True Temper Dynamic Gold and the stock grip is the Titleist Tour Velvet by Golf Pride.
  larrymartins - 4/2/24
Titleist AP2 710 with True Temper Dynamic Gold shafts and Titleist Tour Velvet grips sounds like a winning combination for golfers seeking both feel and playability.
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  BillWest - 11/26/11
Love these irons!!! Just recently switched from Taylor Made r7 TP's to these. Feel great coming off the club and dead accurate. Wish I switched a while ago.
  smittysbar - 3/24/11
pgagale-Why are you posting a review about a set of knock offs you got ripped off on, on a review for the real set?

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