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AP2 716

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716 AP2 irons use extreme high density tungsten weighting to position the center of gravity low and perfectly aligned at impact for more speed. The most advanced, solid feeling and forgiving Tour played irons ever made by Titleist.
  DougEly - 11/16/15
Played about 10 rounds with these so far. Definitely hit them better than my AP2-712s which I have played over 400 rounds with. Really noticeable difference. All positive. Lots of confidence standing over the ball with one of these in my hands. Seem to be getting some added yardage with all irons. Maybe I am hitting them better or maybe these are a touch more forgiving than the 712 version. Whichever, I love them.
  Scoreof59 - 6/6/21
  dlnigh - 3/9/21
  Bato00 - 1/14/20
  AndyC1 - 1/6/19
  spike99 - 11/20/17
  Ztexgolfer - 4/16/17
  merlinpqp - 3/12/17
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