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Titleist AP2 712 irons are advanced performance, multi-material irons that offer playability, the traditional solid feel of a forged iron and contemporary yet classic looks for the skilled to highly skilled golfer. AP2 irons are technically advanced blades that provide increased forgiveness without sacrificing shot workability while combining traditional blade length and sole width with a more efficient multi-material weight distribution.
  weejayrane - 4/25/23
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  darrellbradley12 - 7/14/22
The 712 AP2s have a better feel than the original AP2s, in my opinion. The 712 AP2s have a more solid feel. The old ones had a hollow feel to them, whereas the new ones have a satisfying weight to them when you hit them. Despite the fact that some of the metal appears to have been removed from the cavity, the improved feel is undeniable. The new elastomer insert, in my opinion, dampens vibration just enough while still allowing for a solid feel. phoodle
  Honest Abe - 9/1/20
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