Titleist - AP2 714

AP2 714

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Introduced in September of 2013, the AP2 714 series irons were designed to combine forgiveness and a flatter launch-angle with head sizes, blade lengths, and the playability that lower-handicap and better players prefer. High-density tungsten is seeded into the heel through a "co-forging" process.

3i: 21°
4i: 24°
5i: 27°
6i: 30°
7i: 34°
8i: 38°
9i: 42°
PW: 46°
W: 50°

  Bob McGowan - 9/3/14
These are probably the best irons I have played with in 56 years of golf. I have played Vintage macgregor tourney irons in the 1960s-70, Jack Nickolaus Murfield blades in the 1980's, Forged Taylormade blades in the 1990-2010, Forged Clevland 588 irons 2012-13, and now these Forged Titlist AP2 714. I am in my late 60s, but I can hit these Titlist irons as far as when I was 50. I don't have my <5 handicap, but I play 4-5 shots better with these irons.
Robert McGowan, PhD
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