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Building upon the high technology design and resounding success of the original AP irons, Titleist introduces the new high performance AP2 irons for avid golfers. The Titleist AP2 are multi-material, dual cavity irons that take the design mission of "Advanced Performance You Can Feel" to new heights.
  DavidRogers0000 - 7/28/22
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  annastark - 6/17/22
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  nabd - 5/19/14
Just put the AP2's in the bag. Had them bent 1 degree upright with the True Temper XP shafts. Great feedback and they go right where you aim them. Still adjusting to the yardages but consistency was what I was looking for and so far that is exactly what these irons are giving me.
  lee207 - 6/26/12
had ap2s for 3 years lots of feed back on ball on club face need to get the right shaft i have project x worth the extra money got me down to single figures
  barneyhvac - 7/20/11
Went from mizuno mp67 to ape titleist.
Tested all of the big clubs ap2 just fell and comes of the club head, great control. Have not work on working the ball left to right or right to left.
  wjthomas05 - 5/2/11
The best set of Irons I have owned. Great feel and very forgiving. I switched from Clevelands to AP2's.
  JRibknocker - 3/21/11
Great set of irons. Very forgiving for a blade although you now have to deal with the occasional flier with the new grooves. Feedback doesn't shake your fillings loose with mishits. Easy to work the ball and control trajectory. Forged blades have come a long way from years past. Found them to be about a half club shorter than my previous Callaway x14 Tour Series.
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