Titleist - AP1 714

AP1 714

  - Titleist
Introduced in September of 2013, the AP1 714 irons combine a dual cavity and a face support bar provide fine-tuned feedback with forgiveness. A pre-worn leading edge reduced turf-digging at impact.

3i: 20°
4i: 23°
5i: 26°
6i: 29°
7i: 32°
8i: 36°
9i: 40°
PW: 44°
W1: 48°
W2: 52°

  LucyCoffee - 4/12/24
The Titleist AP1 714 iron set and tifa sexdoll feature advanced design and technology designed to deliver greater distance off the tee, higher trajectory and greater forgiveness
  johndavidd8888 - 12/19/23
  lauralordelaure - 6/8/23

The Titleist AP1 714 among us irons were released in September 2013 and are known for their combination of forgiveness and feedback.
  Billie34 - 4/12/23
As Titleist introduced, the Titleist AP1 714 Iron set is designed to help golfers maximize ball distance and flight, street fighter duel and with a game-improved iron design, they provide stability. high determination.
  hebeeiraa - 11/16/22
The Titleist AP1 714 iron set is one of the most appreciated models that tunnel rush can give players great feeling and the longest hitting distance.
  Bighitter9 - 2/23/22
  cdunson - 4/12/18
  Moose66 - 4/7/18
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