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Through advanced polymer engineering, Bridgestone delivers another technological breakthrough. The new e6+ provides superior performance with a straighter more accurate ball flight and a softer feel through its advanced Low Compression Multi-Layer contstruction.
  rwails33 - 5/7/16
really a superb golf ball enjoy using this ball does what I need
  mjd811 - 7/12/11
this is one great golf ball wish it could get to an 18 dollar price point
  H.R. Fernandez - 1/19/11
The best all purpose golf ball. It does what it says. Very good ball from 100 yds and around the greens.
  coojofresh - 10/9/10
very solid ball. i didn't get it 'fitted' or anything. i just played it. not too long, but i'm sure that's due to all the tech they put into who these balls are for. great control and nice soft feel though. could be a little less $$$wise.
  inorv9 - 8/30/09
Usually play NXT Tours, thought I'd give Bridgestone a try.... after one round with e6+, I finished 18 w/o losing one ball (first time ever) and shot 9 under my HCP. Felt very crisp coming off the club compared to NXT Tours with more workability. I'm switching!
  chrome - 2/26/19
  1stblood - 10/24/17
  savedbyhim - 7/18/17
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