Srixon - Z-Star (2011)

Z-Star (2011)

  - Srixon
Introduced in 2011, the Z-Star is a three-piece ball designed for players with swing speeds between 80 and 105 MPH. The 324-dimple, urethane cover is designed for an ideal combination of distance and spin-control, with a very thin ionomer layer in between.
  John Hough - 6/25/11
My club printed the club logo on a batch of Z-Stars and nobody wanted to buy them. They ended up selling them off at half price, so I got a dozen for £18. Reasonable price. As good as Titleist Pro V1.
  birdiexris - 6/7/10
These are entirely too soft. They don't fly nearly as far as other "premium" balls i've played. They also don't provide the feedback off the irons or putter that i'd like, personally. I'd say they're a solid 15-20 yards shorter off the drive than the callaway iz. Same as the titleist proV1x. They also don't spin as much as the callaway balls and only slightly more than the V1x.
  Bushwhacker73506 - 7/9/17
  bejcsla - 12/21/16
  parman68166 - 3/1/16
  scolombo3 - 7/7/15
  jktthree - 4/23/15
  Poker_Dealer - 2/8/15
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