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  Sulgais1973 - 4/22/19
Great Product! I was willing to buy golf balls but didn’t because I haven’t seen then from a while. Now you can check info to manage their writing work. But today I am very very to really have this link to buy these balls, it’s like a blessing for me. Even the reviews are fabulous so that I decided to buy it for sure.
  wfwp91 - 7/14/14
I just started testing the Tour C4 and I am pleasantly surprised. In my short experience, I have found the ball to have a heavy and soft feel on full swings so feed back on the quality of contact is great. Even though the feel off the club face is heavy, the ball feels soft on pitch, chip and lob shots with controllable spin. It performs great with the putter: soft and consistent distance control. I enjoy the piercing trajectory and appropriate amounts of spin off all clubs. I have played most of the premium balls over the years for extensive periods of time. My favorites have been the Pro V1 (2007), Chrome +, One Black, Revolution (original), B330s (all) but the Tour C4 is second to none of these and it is a much better value. I believe any one can build their game around the performance this ball offers.
  KerrySigety - 5/17/11
Fantastic product! You will not find a more affordable ball with a urethane cover that performs as well as the MG Tour C4. All you're doing when you buy "Big Name" golf balls is lining the pockets of rich executives and tour pros alike. Great job MG!
  misled - 4/24/10
Don't let the name brand crap fake you out. This ball is longer than a Pro V. It bites as good as a Pro V. It lasts longer than a Pro V. It costs $20 American for a dozen. Figure it out...
  saunderscc - 4/18/10
I've now played two or three rounds with the Tour C4. Better players who strike the ball well will get more out of this ball than higher handicapped players likely will. Years ago, before the Pro V1, or even the Professional, better players played the Tour Balata. Balata balls were less durable and had a much higher spin rate. A poorly hit shot in those days would veer further offline than, say, a surlyn covered ball. It is from this perspective that I suggest the Tour C4 is for better players. The ball clearly has a high spin rate.

The reason people will pay $45/dozen for golf balls is that they offer a different performance package than a typical $20/dozen ball. Now, there is a viable option for better players at a lower price point.

For the money, the Tour C4 represents a great value. I tend to play the Callaway Tour i(s) and Titleist Pro V1. Both are "better" balls than the Tour C4, but that is a completely subjective comment. However, I can't think of another ball that is priced around $20/dozen that is even remotely close to the Tour C4 in terms of overall performance and playability--particularly spin and feel around the green.

At more than twice the price of the Tour C4, it may be difficult for some who will try the Tour C4 to justify continuing to pay up for the premium balls. For me, the Tour C4 isn't as long as the Callaway Tour i(s) nor the Titleist Pro V1x. I think, perhaps, a club shorter at the driver with the distance gap decreasing down to essentially zero with short irons and wedges. Not a big deal.

The spin around the green is very good on the Tour C4. The urethane cover is very soft and on an unplayed ball is almost tacky to the touch. I wonder if the cover isn't sealed? After several holes the tacky feel of the cover dissipates. Spin and feel around the green don't seem to be affected in any way.

At $20/dozen, these balls are a tremendous value. Really, the main downside is that you have to plan ahead and order them and they are often back-ordered. Bottom line, better players on a budget or those who frequently should consider making a $20 experiment on a dozen of these balls.
  ellamaclin - 11/28/18
  Merlie - 2/21/16
  DougEly - 7/15/15
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