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New for 2014, Callaway's two-piece Supersoft ball is 38-compression — the company's lowest-ever by 20 points — for extra soft feel. The trionomer blend cover features the company's HEX aerodynamic pattern.
  DAyres1 - 5/28/14
One of my golf buddies was playing these the last time we went out. Said he loved them, so I picked up a box. For $25, you cant beat them!! They fly 10-15 yds longer than the other Calloway balls I was playing, but the are extremely soft around the greens. The ball jumps off the club will need to practice putting with them! Overall, a great ball at a great price.
  martin1956 - 3/10/14
I like trying new balls each year, so I have been hitting these for the past coupkle of weeks.
I have been very surprised at how these balls have played, I am an 85-87mph senior swinger! and these have performed extremely well, very straight, but exceptionally soft on the green. They seem to stop well and don't cut up too badly. For me they are significantly better than the Hex Diablo.
  MAGIC CHEF - 6/25/21
  tune10 - 1/20/21
  Justaman - 5/26/20
  hendro - 6/21/18
  jlally776 - 3/18/18
  bryan.mc969 - 10/1/17
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