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The Titleist Pro V1x™ golf ball is designed for serious golfers of all levels seeking long distance with Tour-validated feel and performance. With a new, softer Urethane Elastomer™ cover, the Pro V1x provides improved playability and feel.
  popoperez - 11/15/13
best golf ball at the market. No one to campare.
  No-Break - 3/27/13
Is there another ball? Only ball in the bag!
  Justin Webster - 5/24/12
Expensive but the only thing I will play.
  pdiddy1980 - 1/18/12
Probably the best ball on the market.....Just wish Titleist would run deals over the year like other ball companies do
  philpiv - 7/30/11
If you are serious about golf, this is the ball. If you are not, save the money and play something cheaper, and there is a lot to chose from>
  Graves238 - 7/25/11
The only ball that makes me confident at address!!!!
  silverseal99 - 7/17/11
Can't blame the ball when playing a Pro-V1x... Reloads play the same but hurt a lot less when lost...
  Westomere - 9/6/10
Expensive habit but it made all the difference in my game. Switched from Noodle to ProV1x. No more slice or fade.
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