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This reinvented classic delivers the latest technology – the kind only OGIO can produce. Still attention-grabbing with its aggressive color blocking and shocks of translucent material, today’s Ozone is outfitted with a Woode Lite top, a walking-accessible water bottle holster, the Crossbow Lite shoulder strap system and 7 pockets.
  birdiexris - 7/24/08
Overall this bag is awesome. it's light. It stands well, and performs well as far as repeated moving and hefting is concerned. The iron sleeves are set up very smartly and i wish they wouldn't have patented this.... The clubs are set up so that when it's on your back, the woods are the farthest behind you leaving the irons and the "heavy" clubs right where you can reach them to stop the noise and provide more support. I feel like i can walk all day with this thing on. In fact, during a lightning warning, i ran a mile with it on my back fully loaded and barely broke into hard breathing.

The pockets are all very useful and spacious. i like that the water bottle holder is positioned so the bottle doesn't fall out when you walk with the bag, and the scorecard and pencil pocket are right where they should be.

CONS: the only things i see that they could improve on are having more club spots and having the dividers go all the way down the bag like tubes. I know it may make it a little heavier but it's so light i don't think it would be noticed and the convenience would be awesome. Also, where the back strap connects to the top of the handle is weak. i think it should be grommets holding it in, but it's just stitched on. I've already had to send one back to the MFR to have it replaced and the 2nd one is starting to come out. It's the only stress point on the whole bag that makes no sense.
  deadbird8604 - 4/8/16
  golfgoofy - 12/21/15
  BenkeX - 6/4/12
  alan07190 - 5/11/12
  CAH00N - 3/16/12
  mxtweeker - 12/10/11
  kklein1003 - 12/4/11
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