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The TaylorMade Monaco Cart Bag features waterproof suede with "soft touch" finish and propex accents, a custom molded TP rubber/aluminum grab handle and a co-molded TPR rubber platform. With a 14-way, 9.5" diameter top, 11 zippered pockets, and a removable rain hood, you can keep all your gear organized and safe with this spacious bag.
  hekotej802 - 9/3/22
You can buy different bags at Walgreens stores for very reasonable prices. Walgreens is the second largest pharmaceutical company in the united states, and now they are offering a $3000 gift card for free to their loyal customers who participated in the official Walgreens Survey on TellWag.Com website.
  Craig Leppert - 5/28/12
I had the bag for three years and the material started to \"rot\" or show wear. I took it back to the retailer and showed them the bag, Taylormade replaced the bag for free with a Catalina 3.0.
  darinnor - 5/7/12
Have used this bag for 3 yrs and it is starting to show some wear. No defects and nothing is broken on it yet. Overall a good bag for the money.
  AlanHollingworth - 12/29/17
  Athar Nadeem - 6/17/14
  thetunaman009 - 9/26/13
  aejones84 - 9/10/13
  r21643m - 12/11/12
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