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Deluxe II

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Featuring the latest premium quality materials and sporting fabulous new colours the new PowaKaddy Deluxe 2 bag is sure to get heads turning. A mass of features gives phenomenal performance in all situations and every area of club management has been thought of.
  roaringdonkey - 2/5/10
A replacement for my old powakaddy bag,But unfortunately nowhere near as good the PVC constuction is stiff and un yielding and already powakaddy have replaced 1 bag under warranty due to poor zip alingment and subsequent breakage on the Right hand side clothing pocket,which i now no longer attempt to close completely as i know it will break,the omission of the external umbrella straps,ok the pocket is still there but be honest how many of us used it when we had the brolley straps, the hidden valubles pocket (behind the pouch as was)has gone also the two decent sized side pockets leave me to believe this is a poor relation to its ancestors pedigree at a very premium price,i will not bebuying another one untill this is corrected try the zips and closures before you buy and it will be immediately apparent,ther is now a GLOVE BAR useless as i do not wear a glove and what was wrong with the velcro patch sorry powakaddy a definate miss with this
  Redkola - 3/29/15
  OffshoreGer - 3/8/15
  steveconroy41 - 3/15/14
  Muddy - 11/10/13
  sian1957 - 10/15/13
  etropgrange - 10/4/13
  smudge47 - 9/6/13
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