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The V-Steel fairway metals featured a 455 stainless steel face welded to the body for a high COR, while CG was positioned for medium-high ball trajectory. The sole design minimizes turf contact so that more power is imparted to the ball, while the clubhead glides squarely through impact instead of slowing and/or twisting.

The V Steels were available in 3W (15°) and 5W (18°) lofts.

  coojofresh - 4/18/13
very nice club. i got it today and used it today. very awesome. somebody said in their review that it plays like a hybrid. i would have to agree with that. i hit a couple smoking shots today. i really like this stick.
  Legitimatebeef - 7/30/10
Pretty classic stick. Cool look and cool sound. Everyone who sees it thinks it kewl. I'm sure some pro's are still gaming them. And why not, its a very nice little clubhead.
  harry2803 - 6/14/21
  jaystewart5150 - 5/10/19
  USMarines64 - 8/7/18
  fitzg03 - 6/4/17
  inajiffy - 5/9/17
  brhugh - 3/8/17
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