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RocketBallz Stage 2

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Introduced in 2013, the second generation of the RocketBallz fairway metal features a thin, fast-flexing "RocketSteel" face by Carpenter®. TM's improved "Speed Pocket" also flexes faster, for more speed and distance. The black club-face contrasts with a non-glare white crown for easy visibility and alignment.

Available in the following versions, all with D5 swingweight:
3W: 15°
3HL: 17°
5W: 19°
5HL: 21°
7W: 23°

  cantona22 - 12/21/22
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  peterparkerrbu - 10/24/22
This is really beneficial software for both you and myself. There were no errors detected throughout the audit word search online
  Greeners62 - 2/9/15
For a quality club,finish is appalling.i have a 20yr old titliest 5 wood in better condition.Ball goes a mile though.
  Pitscrew - 3/21/14
3 & 5 Wood Rocketfuel 60 reg
  CaveTechDiver - 9/16/13
3 and 5 Woods. Easy to hit.
  Rextherunt - 4/15/22
  Richarrd - 6/29/20 - 6/12/20
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