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Introduced in 2009, the TaylorMade R9 fairway metals combined a traditional pear-shape head with their "Flight Control Technology," which lets users change the face angle, loft and lie. A high MOI and easy-launching CG position were also notable selling points.

Available in the following lofts:
T3: 13°
3W: 15°
4W: 17°
5W: 19°

  fizakhan - 1/11/23
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  hobertm192 - 1/20/22
i love to use it shell shockers
  Mark Fisher - 5/28/12
Mr Reliable! 220+ from the tee, 200+ from the turf - and straight. OK
  Kilner!!! - 11/10/11
Are these still legal? i thought this model still has the wooden head
  Leo B - 6/9/11
This is my GO TO Club in my bag, I love to use it off the Tee on short Par 4's and Long Par 5's
  lelaughman - 3/14/11
I haven't seen or used a better driver since I stopped building custom clubs.
  juniorbri430 - 7/3/10
at least this is reliable, unlike my driver
  smartino - 2/18/20
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