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TaylorMade's R11 fairway wood features a reduced sole area for less turf resistance at impact. The adjustable sole allows adjustment of the clubface angle and launch angle, making it a truly adjustable fairway wood.

It is available in the following lofts, all with a D4 swing-weight:

T3: 14.0°
3W: 15.5°
4W: 17.0°
5W: 19.0°
7W: 22.0°

  Watson54 - 12/9/22
I have been using TaylorMade - R11 for about a year now. I'm not big into golf, but I grew up playing and my brother is a pretty decent golfer, so I got started on the range when I was younger. Visit this marble manufacturers for more help. The first week I brought it home, my dad took it out to the course with him and said he liked it. He gave me his old Wilson Staff 9.5, so I had a chance to compare both clubs and they were very similar in performance and feel.
  BrockHolland - 8/23/22
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  GloucesterMax - 6/26/20
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  sseligman - 9/29/16
I have had this in the bag for 4 years now. I have the Titanium face model. I don't think I will ever take this one out of the bag. My GOTO club, never miss.
  tarmac10 - 2/24/13
Added 20 yards to my drives, straightened me out. I am in the fairway more often than not now. Awesome stick!
  Craig Heckman - 11/26/12
Love it
  TBOD - 6/7/12
the best club in my bag, bar none. I should be getting a commission on this product from Taylor, 4 guys have purchased to try and keep up!
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