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The 910F includes Titleists's dual-angle "SureFit Tour" hosel, which permits adjustment of the loft and lie independently to optimize ball flight - higher or lower and for more draw or fade. An interchangeable shaft connection and a rear weight screw provide enhanced fitting options.

Available in 13.5°, 15°, 17°, 19°, and 21° models.

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The Titleist 910F fairway woods were designed to offer golfers Mini Crossword enhanced performance and versatility from the fairway.
  drewbinsky - 5/25/23
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The Titleist 910F Pizza Tower is a fairway wood club that includes a dual-angle "SureFit Tour" hosel, which allows for adjustment of both the loft and lie independently, providing golfers with the ability to optimize their ball flight to achieve higher or lower shots, as well as a draw or fade.
  chrisjonson223 - 3/24/23
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