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Introduced in 2012, the RocketBallz drivers feature an aerodynamically-shaped 460-cc head with Inverted Cone Technology to enhance speed and distance. The Flight Control Technology lets users adjust the face angle (± 3°) and loft (± 1.5°) to optimize performance. The Thick-Thin crown provides a lower CG and increased distance. The crown has a glare-eliminating matte white finish and black face for easier visibility and alignment.

They are available in 9.5°, 10.5°, and High-Launch lofts.

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The RocketBallz drivers, released in 2012, are notable for their Inverted Cone Technology and aerodynamic 460-cc heads.
Adjusting the face angle ( 3°) and loft ( 1.5°) is possible using the Flight Control Technology. google
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