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Introduced in January of 2013, the R1 driver offers dramatically-increased flexibility in adjustment - a total of 168 combinations. The loft can be adjusted from 8° to 12° with seven settings at standard lie angle and five at upright lie angle. Seven different face-angle positions and two adjustable shot-shape weight settings are also available.

The white crown features an anti-glare finish and a design that helps players square the clubhead at address.

  pervertmotivation - 7/18/24
This driver is designed to cater to golfers seeking greater flexibility in their equipment to fine-tune performance on the course boxing random
  boyos81482 - 3/19/24
The TaylorMade R1 driver sounds like a versatile and customizable option for golfers with its wide range of adjustment settings. The anti-glare finish and design for squaring the clubhead at address are nice touches too. Thanks for sharing! Will check more of this!
  annamivivan - 2/19/24
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  JolieKeva - 12/3/23
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  paulahong - 5/18/23
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  Watson54 - 12/13/22
TaylorMade - R1 is a good choice for a beginner. It has a forgiving face, so you can attack the ball with confidence and control. The R1 also has really great feel and comes in both standard and long version. It's also very easy to hit from all kinds of lies, as it hits high, low and short shots straight. You can get massage on long island services to relax your body. The R1s are made for players who want a little help with ball speed but don't want to sacrifice distance. The R1s have a high trajectory that allows for easy roll-away shots and long iron shots hit high and straight.
  Lindawin - 12/8/22
I really appreciate your product because it's really good fnf mods
  danfrind - 11/29/22
Bought the equipment for the tournament in Stockholm, Sweden, called angel number 1111 this year, and I was super satisfied. What I like the most is the adjustable loft!
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