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The G15 was designed for golfers seeking maximum forgiveness, distance, and accuracy. Its elongated titanium head features an external sole weight, which positions the CG for higher trajectory and reduced spin. A larger face is designed to optimize ball speed and provide consistency across the entire hitting surface.

LOFTS: 9°, 10.5°, 12°, 13.5°
LIE: 58°

  Davepm888 - 4/29/12
Just tried the g15 today for a round. Amazing driver. For sure a step up from the g10 which I currently own. A little longer, a little higher and more forgiving. Less effort with greater results.
  Daniel P. - 4/12/12
Best driver i had the pleasure of playing.... at least 10 extra yards from my previous driver !!! bought it at golf town where i had multiple tries with various other drivers...This one always came out and extra 10 yards !!! it's great !
  bwhatley - 5/25/11
Best driver I've ever owned - and I've had a few. Great value too. Can't say I was ever a Ping man and looked at quite a few others before having had several driver fittings I bought this one. The readouts on the trackman did'nt lie. It's long and consistent.
  TallHacker - 8/15/10
Pleasing to the eye, doesn't setup closed like a lot of game improvement drivers. The darker graphic on the top of the head is nicer than the G10. Straighter and longer than the G10 as well.
  scottmcaliley166 - 7/25/10
The G-15 was a step back for me. I play the G-10 with great results. The G-15 was too light. Did not seem to carry the same energy through the shot as the G-10. On the other hand the larger head was a wee bit more forgiving on miss hits.
  LoveGolf307 - 5/8/10
I think the G15 is the most forgiving driver I've had. Miss hits that had no business of going anywhere were straight.
  Gazzas01 - 4/29/10
Great driver, very forgiving. Straightest, longest drives I`ve ever hit.
  saunderscc - 4/11/10
This is the best driver head I've played, so far. It's a cliche' to say the ball comes off the face like a cannon, but it really does. The head sets up very neutral and suits my eye. Too many good drivers look like they have a "hook face" at setup. Since I hit a high draw, my misses tend to be "big left," when my swing falls apart. As a result, I always worry with drivers that look closed at address, and worry doesn't instill confidence. The G15 just looks so nice and traditional--and neutral--at address, I feel like I can hit it exactly where I want to. In practice, I can't actually do it every swing, but I feel like I can, and that is important.

I didn't like the ball flight produced with the Serrano when I played it in the real world--too low, too much roll. So, I replaced the factory shaft with the new Fujikura Motore Speeder which has a lower bend-point. I had the guys maintain the factory length and D-3 swing weight. This is now just an awesome piece of equipment.
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