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Engineered for players whose shots typically end up right of the intended target. More weight concentrated toward the heel and lighter swing weights improve shot bend to steer the ball back into the fairway. Crown turbulators generate greater clubhead speed and ball velocity for long, accurate drives. The new T9S face material optimizes face deflection for higher ball speeds and more distance. Launch conditions can be fine-tuned using five settings and 2 full degrees of loft adjustability.
  Allthegearbutnoidea - 8/6/14
boys and girls,
never thought i would write a review but feel compelled to do so as me and the driver are at one.

after breaking my r11 i purchased a sldr driver with all the adjustment you could get.

after many rounds of golf i found that the sweet spot on this driver was poor and parked it in the bag of over a month.

along came the G30.

hit the demo with loads of tape on it and WOW what a difference.

i had a good round the other day just using the 3 wood and treated myself to the G30 driver (sf)

this club made me hit straight and only every now and again did i get it to stray to the right.

I'm hoping the handicap will fall.

if you hit right try and you WILL buy
  mosherjf - 10/5/17
  Edward Emmorey - 9/12/17
  mingledow - 7/16/17
  Apes44 - 7/7/17
  time4birdie - 6/27/17
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