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With the Bag Boy Quad Four Wheel Push Cart, you have a trolley that is simple to fold and stores easily. With its simple two-step folding process, it will fold in just seconds. Other features and benefits include an extremely stable four-wheel platform and oversized wheels that roll through grass with ease.
  JIm_Smallwood_Jr. - 1/21/12
I just broke down and bought my first push cart. The Bag Boy Quad. I play an average of 60-75 round per year as a walker. I do not like riding in golf carts, I feel it takes away from the greatest elements of golf walking a course. Over the the past couple of years I've had to replace my stand bags because they wear out to quickly where they ride against my hip. The stability and ease of use of my new quad makes me ask, 'why didn't I look into a push cart earlier'. I would highly recomend the Bag Boy Quad to anyone who is even slightly interested in a push cart. At the store where I purchased this the biggest selling point at the time was the ease and quickness of folding it up. Two actions and the cart is easy to carry and place in the back of my Prius.
  BigDaddyBambi - 5/31/17
  jtgolf00 - 10/8/16
  nut@boltman - 8/11/16
  mcully1100 - 1/11/16
  ctbraithwaite - 10/17/15
  maufdez - 4/20/15
  twkittycat - 6/27/14
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