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Spring Grove, PA Golf Courses
Spring Grove has -1 golf facilities. Listed below is each club listed in alphabetical order.
Nearby Courses
Briarwood Golf Club
York, PA (4 miles)
Honey Run Golf Club
York, PA (6 miles)
Hanover Country Club
Abbottstown, PA (6 miles)
The Bridges Golf Club
Abbottstown, PA (7 miles)
Regents Glen Country Club
York, PA (7 miles)
Country Club of York
York, PA (8 miles)
Grandview Golf Course
York, PA (8 miles)
Midlantic Golf Club
Dover, PA (8 miles)
Hawk Lake Golf Club
York, PA (9 miles)
South Hills Golf Club
Hanover, PA (10 miles)
Public Hickory Heights Golf Club  
5158 Lehman Road
Public Little Creek Golf Course  
1657 Route 116
717 225 1702