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TaylorMade TP xFT wedges are the first exchangeable face wedges designed to keep grooves at peak performance. When grooves wear down, spin rates drop and launch angle increases, limiting performance and precision. Exchanging the club-face allows users to boost performance and keep the wedge they have grown accustomed to in play.

The face is four-step CNC-milled, while the stock shaft is a KBS High-Rev designed to help create increased spin at impact.

  nancydrewsub - 12/26/22
titanic, clear, and direct word search
  douglugg - 7/3/14
$49 used rack special, looks like it was swung twice, and has a nice red golfpride wrap style grip. 16deg bounce got it for sand.
  lmenzel - 8/10/10
I am blown away by the feel, the spin and the performance of these wedges. Might not be the perfect ones for some, but I think almost any amateur will find improved spin and accuracy with these new wedges. Plus, you get an extra face with every club right now. Don't wait, if you're wedges are getting worn, run, don't walk, to your favorite golf emporium and buy these wedges! You won't be disappointed.
  Agrijalva - 3/12/19
  StevenMur - 4/11/18
  Rickrwg - 5/27/16
  martens612 - 12/22/15
  trarand - 7/20/15
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