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Classic GTX

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Classic leather saddle shoe features a breathable, waterproof Gore-Tex® lining to keep feet dry. Roomy toe box and a padded collar provide extra comfort, while the quick-lock cleats help you stay grounded.
  AdeT - 3/7/10
As comfortable as grandfather''s favourite carpet slippers. Very comfortable straight out of the box. They are extremely well made and have kept their finish. As they are white I don''t use them in winter. Once you start using ''Blanco'' you never stop. Only one small criticism. When I used them in Florida the heat made the dye on the brown saddle leech onto my socks. I threw away 17 pairs of white socks on that trip. No such problems in the UK though.
  Jsamwilliams - 7/26/17
  bellcpr - 8/5/13
  jeffeory - 6/25/13
  randyfox - 4/5/13
  minkdog - 4/30/12
  gjsanchez - 4/22/12
  Levko - 3/26/12
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