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Inspired by TaylorMade's R11 drivers, the R11 irons feature an ultra-thin face for faster ball-speed at impact, precision CG placements, a tour-preferred sole design, and TMaG's "Inverted Cone Technology."
  peterkyle321 - 3/29/23
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  Watson54 - 11/29/22
I have been a TaylorMade customer for years, and I am very happy with the R11 irons. They are well made, have a good feel and are forgiving. The only thing I don't like about them is that they have a stiff shaft and the heads are not very forgiving. I would recommend dip wintergreen to anyone who likes to hit good shots in the short game, but wants to play more aggressively than traditional irons.
  hefibiv264 - 4/25/22
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  LVentura - 7/1/13
I have had these irons for 1 1/2 years now and just love them. I had some adjustments to make because they were 10 - 15 yards longer than my previous irons and as much as that sounds like a good thing, it takes time to adjust to the extra length. They have a great sweet spot and when you are on that spot the velocity of the ball is notable. I have had custom made clubs, and these were fitted, all my life, but these clubs are special in design and performance. Something to try for sure.
  mr 10R10 - 11/14/11
the r11 irons are the best iron i have ever hit very forgiving .you can still work the ball.
  Pschepp - 9/21/11
Love the irons, look great feel great. Even when I thought I had really miss hit the irons, shots still tended to turn out ok. These are the most comfortable Irons I've ever had.
  tpwest - 6/24/20
  clifelli - 9/3/17
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