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Introduced in 2011, the MP-59 "half-cavity" irons featured "Ti Muscle Technology," in which titanium is forged into the clubhead, increasing the sweet spot by about 5% over the MP-58. Mizuno's Grain Flow Forging process uses 1025E mild carbon steel and delivers full-cavity forgiveness in a half-cavity design.

The MP-59s were available in 3-iron (21º) through 9-iron (42º) and PW (46º) in RH and LH. The stock shaft was a True Temper Dynamic Gold S300.

  Mira43 - 9/18/23
If you enjoy the look of a traditional muscle back blade, dino game the MP59's are one of the nicest looking irons in the address position on the market, thanks to their slim topline and low offset. They are extremely forgiving of little mishits.
  matthewsim885 - 12/8/22
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  heasanta - 9/14/22
excellent feel on all shots. quick feedback on missed targets. simple to handle the ball. Flushes are as smooth as butter. I completely concur with AussiePhil flagle
  SUGAR-RAY - 11/10/14
Best irons on the market , working the ball is a dream on flush hits a nice soft feel off the face awesome irons
  theframes - 1/12/14
great feel for all shots. instant feedback on mis-hits. easy to work the ball. flush hits feel like butter. totally agree with AussiePhil !
  fowlie33 - 12/30/13
had them custom made , excellent feel and consistant, no better feeling than a pure mizuno shot
  AussiePhil - 8/16/13
Best irons I have ever used. Beautiful to look at address and the sound through the swing and contact is awesome. In love with these clubs!
  Rob1899 - 2/12/17
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